12 December 2007

Google's Pages From This Country
I do not know if anyone has noticed a significant change in Google's searches restricted to one country.

If you did a search on Google for "search engine new zealand" my site: Index NZ figured high on the second page. But if you did the same search from Google NZ and chose Pages from NZ, Index NZ would not figure anywhere in the searches.

The reason was that the search universe was restricted to those sites that were hosted in New Zealand. I have always thought this very strange, because I suspect that many New Zealand sites too opt to host on a server in the US because hosting costs there are much lower than in New Zealand.

But now Google has apparently changed its policy. A search for "search engine new zealand" on Google NZ with results restricted to pages from NZ throws up Index NZ too although the site continues to be hosted somewhere in the US.

I do not know whether this has anything to do with the fact that the url contains an "nz".

A search for "search engine India" on Google India throws up India Findouter as the sixth or seventh result, but if the search is restricted to pages from India, India Findouter does not figure anywhere. Evidently Google is still experimenting with the change.

Category: Google

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